Mr. Pir Mohammad Kaliya

Recently Pir Mohammad Kaliya has been elected as the President of the International Federation of Company Secretaries at the third meeting of the Federation held at Dhaka. It is a matter of great pride for us to have him as a member of our KalPoint PWs Forum – KFP

There are the people who believe that the world moves forward on the back of inspiration and ideas. For them a day is more than 24 hours. A day is an opportunity to make something happen-to make a positive difference. They are the people who believe that making a contribution matters. And they find it impossible to go about their lives any other way. Mr. Pir Mohammad A Kaliya is one amongst them. Being a commerce professional Mr. Kaliya rendered remarkable services in different institutions of the country. He also represented Pakistan at various international forums and earned a name not only for himself but also for the country. A summary of his achievements and commitments is enumerated below:-

  • Former President of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP).
  • Former President of South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA).
  • President of Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan (ICSP).
    (He was one among the Founders of ICSP)
  • Vice President of World Memon Organization and Chairman World Memon Organization Pakistan Chapter.
  • Chairman of First Coordination Committee of Memon Professional Forum (MPF).
  • Honorary General Secretary of Memon Educational Board.
  • President of All Pakistan Memon Women Educational Society.
  • Former President of Bantva Memon Jamat, the largest Memon Jamat of the world.

Pir M. Kaliya: I was born with the dawn of 8th December 1942, in Bantva (India) in a sizable family. My parents belonged to a lower middle class family. After partition we settled in downtown area in Karachi in a very small house. I passed my matriculation examination in 1957 from Madrassa-e-Islamia. Initially I wanted to be a doctor but my father didn’t agree because he wanted me to work in daytime so I opted for commerce and did my intermediate in 1959 and also learned short hand. Firstly, I started my career as a stenographer with a salary of Rs150/month in Dawood Cotton Mills Ltd. After a couple of months I expressed my desire to my parents to do CA. They agreed to my proposal and I joined Nariman Hyder Bhimji & Co. Chartered Accountants as an audit clerk. In 1961, I passed my Examination from Karachi University. On the basis of my graduation I got exemption from CA intermediate examination. Fortunately, at a very young age of 22, I passed both parts of final examination in first attempt. It was 1964 and the person qualifying both parts consecutively was considered second to none. In that attempt only eight persons qualified CA exams. It encouraged me a lot and inspired me to do CIMA (At that time it was known as Cost and Works Accountants) which I qualified in 1966. I passed the examinations of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators from England and Wales in 1968. Before accomplishing my CA, I passed LLB in 1963. I achieved second position in the first year of LLB in Karachi University. I also did my masters in economics from Karachi University in 1969. I wanted to go abroad for PhD. in accountancy but unfortunately I couldn’t get any scholarship. It is all about my education journey.

As far as my professional background is concerned, I joined Gul Ahmed Group as Chief Accountant and soon after I was promoted as Group Chief Accountant. In the mean time in 1970, I was asked by Jamat-e-Islami to contest elections for National Assembly from a down town area against a well known personality of Late Maulana Shah Ahmed Noorani. Though I was of 27 years age but I contested elections with great spirit. Only a few thousand votes difference snatched my victory. In 1973, I decided to start my practice as Chartered Accountant, so I left the job. But afterwards, I served Gul Ahmed Group as an advisor. In 1984, Gul Ahmed Group was bifurcated into various Groups. At the moment, I am serving two of them as director.

I started social work in 1960. I formed an organization by the name of “Bantva Memon Islahi Anjuman”. Those who belonged to Bantva Memon community know that there are many social evils prevalent in the community particularly at the time of wedding ceremonies e.g. dowry etc. We wanted to bring a revolution in that scenario. I was elected as the Nazim of the Organization. We took oath that we would not indulge in any such type of activities and we will ensure that our next generation should also follow us in eradicating social evils from the community. That gave me an opportunity to join “Bantva Memon Jamaat” in 1973. As soon as I joined the Jamaat I was elected its General Secretary. It was an honor for me to be elected as General Secretary at a very young age of the most leading and esteemed Memon Jamaat of the world. I recently retired in 2003. I tried my best to serve the community by working against social evils. I worked hard for rehabilitating the poor and middle class and also for educating the poor and needy ones. I was also involved in All Pakistan Memon Federation as Vice President and Senior Vice President for over five years. In 1984, We got many schools denationalized.

Through the untiring efforts of All Pakistan Memon Federation’s Denationalization Committee of which I had the privilege to be its chairman, we got back 56 Memon schools. It was due to the sincere efforts of Al-Hajj Zakaria Kamdar who was at that time Federal Minister. It was a unique achievement of All Pakistan Memon Federation. At the time of denationalization I was assigned the duty to look after the schools of Memon Educational Board and the Pakistan Memon Women Educational Society.

1n 1970, I contested the election for the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. I was elected as the Council Member and also re-elected consecutively for four terms. Initially I served ICAP from 1970 to 1984. Thereafter, I again contested in 1977 and was elected. That was my fifth term in ICAP. I served the ICAP as Vice President for 2 terms and in 2000 I was elected as President of the Institute. I also had the opportunity to take active part in SAFA (South Asian Federation of Accountants) that represents more than 150,000 qualified accountants of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. In 2000, I was elected its Vice President and in 2001 its President. During my tenure as President SAFA, was elevated as an Apex Body of SAARC.

I tried to put my best efforts for the betterment of ICAP. The new buildings of the Institute at Clifton was constructed during my tenure as Chairman of the Building Committee. In 70s, there was discriminations between articled and audit clerks. As an audit clerk, one had to serve for 5 years and as an articled clerk for 3 years to become a CA. It was a pre- partition arrangement because the people who used to do articles had to pay to the principal a premium. When I was the Chairman of Ordinance and Bye-Laws Amendment Committee, we proposed the elimination of distinction between the articled and audit clerks and ultimately it was approved by the Council and the government and it was eliminated. Now every student has to serve four years to complete the necessary training to do CA.

I am one of the founders of World Memon Organization. When First Memon International Convention was called in Dubai, it was our desire that we should have an international body to look after the interest of the Memon community throughout the world. I was involved in the preparation of its Constitution and the development of Pakistan Chapter of this organization. I was appointed Vice President of WMO and Chairman of its Pakistan Chapter. I think World Memon Organization will play its proactive role for the betterment of the Community throughout the world in future.

I am no more in politics and want to serve my family and the community. I am also incharge of Memon Educational Board, which has 4 schools and a Memon Girls college in Karachi where more than 3,000 students are studying. I am also the President of All Pakistan Memon Women Educational Society, which runs a chain of Rounaq e Islam Girls Schools. Now I want to spend my remaining life for assisting the poor and needy ones in getting higher education.

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