Mr. Muhammad Ali Rangoonwala

A man for all seasons, a citizen of the world a men who through he walked with princess and presidents, didnot lose the common touch.
Such was the personality known to the rest of the world as Muhammad Aly Rangoonwala.
Born on 20 May 1924 (Barma), the only child of Valy Muhammad Gany and Zuleikhabi Patel, He was player on the world`s stage of a Spain of 74 Year`s making his mark in business commerce and philanthropy.

He Followed in the foot steps of his rewerd father who laced business with plilanathropy such as the setting up of free muslim despensary in Rangoon today one of the largest hospital in Barma the dhoraji Yateem khana And Islamia Hospital in Calcutta.

He prospered but destiny had other plans for him with the advent of the Pakistan Movement, Muhammad Aly Rangoonwala along with other business men in india opted to come Karachi at the invitation of Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder Of Pakistan) and Sir Abdullah Haroon To help built Pakistan into a strong economically viable nation.

Muhammad Aly Rangoonwala was among the first batch of entrepreneurs and business man who moved to Pakistan in 1947, transferring his assets, business skills and acumen to establish a viable and vital industrial base and help dreaft laws for the cuduct of banking, trade and industry. A firm and out spoken believer in the ethos of the free market, He tried tirelessly with the limited success to convince other to adapt to the merits of free competetion and a free economy to guarantee rapid ecnomic developement. He often used the German post-war economic miracle as a prime example. He took keen interest in legeal matters and always unheld the law. He is known for having drafted the Pakistan Trade Bodies Ordinance 1960 in its original format. Later in life he imparted from his experience in Pakistan by playing a significant role in rules governing international arbitration and rules governing international trade and documentary credits during his extensive affiliation with the international chamber of comerce ICC.

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