Miss Samar Faisal Zia

Samar Faisal Zia 98 Khaya ban-e-Bahria, Phase V, D.H.A, Karachi, 75500 +92 333-2135682 | samarzia@gmail.com
Education 2004-2007

*)Bachelors in Fine Art Major: Painting Minor: Miniature painting Selected Exhibitions
*)2011 Re-inforcement, 2 parallel Solo shows, Canvas gallery Karachi
*)2010 Bits and pieces, KSA Gallery Karachi
*)2009 Alumni Show 2, IVS Gallery Karachi
*)Dear Diary show, Poppy Seed Gallery Karachi
*)Two person show, Khaas gallery Islamabad Faculty 4, IVS Gallery Karachi
*)2008 Performance at Sunday Bazaar- part of The Museum of Non-Participation,
with Brad Butler and Karen Mirza, artists visiting Vasl from the UK. Karachi
Alumni Show 1, Collaborative Video installation, IVS Gallery Karachi
Alumni Show 1, IVS Gallery, Karachi
Performance art with Monali Meher, VASL Diaspora Residency.
Karara 1, Grandeur Arts, Karara1 Karachi
Emerging Talent show, V.M. Art Gallery Karachi
Group Show at Rohtas Islamabad.
*)2007 Thesis Exhibition, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Karachi
Group Show at the Commune Gallery Karachi.
*)2006 Badin Charity Show, Canvas Gallery Karachi

Selected Reviews

May 30th 2010, “The Sound of Fury”-Dawn, Jan 07th 2010 “Dear Diary-A new art exhibition to look out for”, Dec 19th, 2009, pp. 8-Daily Messenger, blog review by Moiz Kazmi. Apr 17th 2009 “Works of two artists on display at Khaas” – Dawn, Mar 25th 2008 “Young Artists Work Go on Display at Rohtas Today” – Daily Times, “Breaking Boundaries in search of identity”- The News, Apr 17th 2009, Oct 07th 2008, “Strokes to ponder” – The News, Aug 26th 2008, “Refreshingly Green-Karara Exhibiton”- Business Recorder Karachi, Mar 25th 2008 “Budding Artists’ Work Par Excellence” – Dawn, Mar 26th 2008 “Fresh Graduates Win Attention with Candid Expressions” – The News, “Ring in the New”- Newsline, , Jan 2008 “Who Am I? ask Fine Arts Students at the Indus Valley School” – The News, Dec 13th, 2007, “Show Stopper: The Indus Valley Thesis Degree Opens with 4 Years of Hard Work” – Daily Times, December 5th2007.
Community Art Projects / Work Experience Oct 2009- Nov 2010 The Rising Tide, Visiting Assistant Curator, Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi. Oct 2010, Donated to DIL New York Jan-Mar 2010 Birth of Pakistan, Khayalkhana collaboration with CAP, Mohatta Palace Museum, Karachi June-Sep 2009The Emperors New Clothes, Collaboration with Naiza Khan, Talwar Gallery, New York. Sep-Nov 2008 Unilever ArtRoom, Wikked Plus TV, Vasl, Karachi Nov 2008 Guest artist, Unilever ArtRoom, Wikkid Plus TV, Karachi Jan 2008 Founder member KhayalKhana Sep 2006 Collaborative Mural painting, maternity wing, The Lady Dufferin Hospital, Karachi with Aura (NGO) Apr-May 2006 Mural painting, Govt School Sher Shah, Karachi. Nov 2005 Prop construction, Tehrik-e-Niswan Play, Karachi

Teaching Experience :-

Feb-Mar 2010-Teaching Painting to 5th Semester students at the IVSAA Nov-Dec 2009-Teaching Painting to 6th Semester students at the IVSAA Jul, Aug and Sep 2008 TA miniature painting, Sep-Oct 2008-teaching Mini-Thesis, 6th Semester students, IVSAA. July-Sep 2008-TA for 4th Semester Painting students at the IVSAA Mar-May, Aug-Dec 2008-Teaching Drawing to 5th semester students at the IVSAA. Jan-Feb 2008-TA for 3rd Semester Painting students at the IVSAA. Activities and Awards 2007 Distinction in Thesis Show IVSAA 2007 visited Jaipur, India for Pigment making workshop. 2006 Awarded first prize -The Naqsh Art Gala, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute

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