Tabba Heart

“Life is a beautiful gift of God and everyday, we at Tabba Heart Institute strive to enhance and improve it.”

It was in 1985 that I first witnessed my father, late Abdul Razzak Tabba, see a loved one fall victim to heart disease: his father, late Abdul Aziz Hashim Tabba, had developed a heart condition and needed an urgent treatment. At that particular point, my father realised the non-existence of a facility offering treatment for cardiac diseases in Pakistan. Though he was able to fly in doctors from the UK for my grandfather’s treatment, the whole episode served as an eye-opener and eventually inspired my father to establish a state-of-the-art cardiac care hospital.

After years of research and feasibilities, the foundation for Tabba Heart Institute (THI) was laid in 2002 and it took another three years for the facility to be completed and be fully operational. In March 2005, the then Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Shaukat Aziz formally inaugurated THI. Late Abdul Razzak Tabba, my father and the founding chairman of THI, worked tirelessly for four years, devoting all his time, energy and resources to finish the project. He often went out of his way to ensure that the best and the latest equipment was acquired and installed and that the services of highly qualified, competent, experienced and dedicated professionals were available at THI. Unfortunately, within two months of the inauguration of the hospital, my father passed away on May 19, 2005. It is worth contemplating that my father passed away due to heart failure, just when THI was almost ready to perform its first major heart surgery.

God Almighty has his own ways of doing things and we have to surrender to His will. I consider myself privileged and fortunate that I now have the responsibility of spearheading this institute. Though none can ever match my father’s selflessness and level of responsibility, we at THI take guidance from his deeds. The THI team takes pride and aims to provide the best treatment and facilities to cardiovascular patients. Currently, the THI offers the following facilities among others: electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, nuclear stress test, Holter monitoring, angiography, coronary and peripheral angioplasty and complex coronary/aortic surgeries. At every stage, highly qualified and experienced cardiologists and cardio thoracic surgeons supervise the preventive and rehabilitative processes.

In view of the fundamental noble objectives of the project, THI has kept its charges for treatment and services at an extremely affordable level for the welfare of the underprivileged. To us at THI, providing quality medical care to all regardless of their financial status is important.

Tabba Heart Institute was established in the year 2005 with the aim to provide quality services and compassionate care at an affordable cost. With the core objective to promote excellence in the field of cardiac health with an uncompromising attitude, THI is equipped with state-of-the-art equipments, harnessed by professionals with a proven track record. With a commitment to provide quality care, we believe that a caring and serene environment is vital and serves as a catalyst in the healing and recovery process of the patient.

The modern architecture of the building reflects a passion and commitment to this caring endeavour. The aesthetically pleasing architecture with special emphasis on the horticultural scheme allows for a soothing environment, resulting in a sensory experience that aids recovery.

The team of professionals at Tabba Heart Institute shares the same vision and passion that led to the establishment of this facility. It is the responsibility and willingness to help mankind and provide comfort and relief that drives this team and connects us all. This team spirit is radiated through our actions and deeds, as we all believe in striving for a positive change.

Tabba Heart Institute - Always striving for a positive change!

Tabba Heart Institute is committed to improve the quality of life through:

Awareness and Education to the masses

providing compassionate, fair, equitable and ethical care to our patients

Develop healthcare Professionals through structured educational programs related to cardiovascular diseases.

Carry out research to prevent and cure the disease.


To be one of the leading institutes in cardiovascular care.