Patel Hospital is not for profit hospital. In line with our vision and mission, we provide quality health care to all whether the patients can afford or not. All non affording patients are supported through support fund and zakat fund. In this regard we spent almost Rs12.5 million every month equals to more than 100,000 per month. Most of the patients require supports are Burns Patients, Cardiac patients, renal failure Patients and neonates etc.


The vision of the Patel Institute of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences is to be an Institute of an International repute in the fields of nursing and Allied Health Sciences who is committed in combating the shortage of nursing professional and in providing the competent nursing and paramedical professional capable of working in any setting by maintaining the required standards.
The mission of Patel Institute of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences is to prepare paramedical professionals as caregivers, and nursing professionals as caregivers and managers who provide leadership to enhance the health of the community, and to excel in providing education in a supportive environment where all individuals can flourish.
The objectives of the Institute are to provide students the opportunity to:
Provide nursing care to all by using nursing process, by recognizing the impact of socio-cultural influences; health care delivery systems; and health behaviors.
Incorporate critical thinking strategies with appropriate nursing interventions while caring for assigned population.
Use professional communication and information technology to acquire, and convey information in nursing practice.
Collaborate with other nurse or paramedical caregiver and interdisciplinary health members in providing nursing care.
Demonstrate the ability to provide competent nursing practice guided by professional nursing practice standards.
Curriculum overview:
The curriculum of Patel Institute of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences is divided into two: one for General Nursing Program and the other for Allied Health Sciences program.
The three years General Nursing Program courses have been structured within the framework of Pakistan Nursing Council requirements for graduation. Sequential introduction of foundational knowledge courses supports the core constructs and core behaviors of the nursing program.
The curriculum is designed to prepare a graduate capable of practicing professional nursing at a beginning level with the individuals, families and groups in a variety of settings. The nursing process serves as a framework for the development of critical thinking skills in theoretical and clinical nursing courses. The emphasis is on health teaching and health promotion.
To ensure that each student has the opportunity to develop his or her potential to the fullest.
To ensure that each student receives his or her education entitlement through a broad and balanced curriculum.
To help prepare students for adult life.

Allied Health technician program:
Curriculum overview:
Patel Institute will offer twelve Allied Health Technician programs. The curriculum for Technician Programs is designed to prepare a graduate capable of providing basic care to individuals in a variety of settings.
The Learning Resources:
The library is equipped with variety of books of nursing and medical, and to keep the students updated with current situation, a daily newspaper has been subscribed.
Nursing Skills Lab:
The Nursing Skills laboratory at Patel Institute of Nursing provides an environment for students to practice and demonstrate nursing skills. Mannequins, models and other equipment provide a non-threatening, hands-on learning environment for skill acquisition.
The lab is equipped with a hospital bed, a stretcher such as those used in an Emergency Department or for transporting to and from an Operating theatre, and mannequins that are used to practice procedures like basic physical care, urinary catheterization, airway Managment, and CPR.
Additional equipment include medication cart, crash cart, models of body parts, and charts that are used to teach anatomy and physiology.
The skills lab provides a dynamic environment, whereby students of all levels can practice a variety of skills. Students are encouraged to refresh their techniques any time, especially prior to clinical experiences. .
English cum Computer lab:
This lab is equipped with eight computers and reading material to improve English reading skills.
Science lab:
The science lab is equipped to provide opportunity to the students to perform simple experiments to understand the basic concepts of physics and chemistry.
Currently there are three classrooms where 90 students can be accommodated. The classrooms are furnished with white boards, one multimedia, and two overhead projectors..