The IDA RIEU Stands for a symbol of TURNING DISABILITY INTO ABILITY and is a milestone in the filed of Special Education in Country.

Since the time of its inception in 1922 the Ida Rieu has been imparting education and vocational training to the Special children i.e. the blind and deaf and has a glorious history of achievements. Since the past many years through strenuous efforts the Ida Rieu School for the Blind which was at the initial stage with only 2 students in a tiny room has now emerged as the Country's leading School for the Blind and today has got a strength of over 900 Blind and Deaf Students.

The Ida Rieu is now imparting education from K.G. to M.A. Level. Many of its students have graduated on merit list. It is worth mentioning that in the past one of our blind student Shahid Siddique had topped the list of Merit in the SSC Examination by surpassing 52 thousand sighted candidates and he again secured top position in Intermediate Examinations.

In addition to the academic achievements, our students are also making outstanding achievements in the Social and extra curricular activities such as Scouting and Girls Guiding, Martial Arts. ,Sports and Game Cricket etc., Music, Quiz Competitions and Musical Programme on Radio and Television.

The Ida Rieu is playing a pivotal role in the education and rehabilitation of its Special Children. Many of its students after having received academical qualification from its College have not only been recruited in other leading Institutions of the Country as Teachers, Professors and Lecturers but are also serving abroad as well. Some of them are also Ph.D and M.Phil in their field.

The Ida Rieu's primitive building which was in a dilapidated condition has now been converted into a most modern complex with most modern facilities and amenities.

The Ida Rieu keeping pace with the modern technologies in association with AI-Ebrahim Eye Hospital and LRBT has established Low Vision Assessment Clinic at its premises where clinical assessment of the Low Vision is carried out regularly.

Besides, a Speech and Language Pathology Room has also been set up at the Ida Rieu.

Ida Rieu takes pride in commencing its Post Graduate Classes in its college for the Blind with effect from 2006.

Today over 25 of our ex-students have the distinction of being professors and lecturers in different colleges of Karachi.

A number of our ex-students, particularly blind students, are pursuing their careers in various institutions of the country purely on the basis of their outstanding educational achievements.

Our journey to show the path of success to our students is never ending. This will continue Inshallah for all times to come with the help and support of our well wishers and worthy donors.

Lady IDA Augusta Rieu, daughter of the Late John Adwards J.P. of Ireland was married to Mr. J. L. Rieu I.C.S. at Karachi on 12th December 1899 and was with her husband at Karachi and other 12 places in Sindh till 1917. On her husband's appointment as Commissioner-in-Sindh in May 1919 she returned to Sindh where she remained until her death on 1st may, 1921.

During her stay in Karachi and elsewhere she devoted her life to various activities for her social welfare, chiefly amongst the poor. She was the moving spirit in the Ladies Associations, Maternity Homes, Children's Nurseries, Widow's Homes and Industrial Work for the Crippled.

A poor welfare Association was her last scheme on which she was working before she passed away. She conceived the idea of amalgamating a school for Blind and Crippled with the poor asylum which did useful work in Karachi since 1872. The scheme was completed in her life time but was not carried out for want of funds. When she passed away a desire for suitable memorial was spontaneously expressed from all quarters in Sindh and it was decided to perpetuate her name by carrying out her scheme of a school for the blind and crippled combined with an industrial home for the poor, amalgamating the Poor Asylum with the consent of its member as a mark of appreciation felt throughout the province for her.

Thus, the 'IDA RIEU Poor Welfare Association' came into existence on 25th November, 1921 in Karachi with a view of imparting the education and training to the blind, deaf and mute children to make them useful citizens of our country.

Other Facilities

Apart from imparting quality education to the visually and hearing impaired children and housing old and poor people, Ida Rieu is constantly striving to update its students and teachers with modern technological advancements. With the help of the following facilities, it keeps its faculty and students to keep pace with modern technology:-

Science Laboratory

Speech & Language Training Laboratory

Teachers’ Resource Room

Art & Craft Room

Industrial Home